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1949  Age 21 Shelly Lehrer starts as a jobber selling frames for K. Stensel & Sons around New York

1951  Lehrer is drafted into the US Army in the Korean War and is trained as a lab technician.

1954  Lehrer returns to New York to re-start Atlantic Optical.

1960  Lehrer is one of the first Americans to visit Oyonnax (France) and buys nearly 1,000 frames. Eyewear importing is born.

1967  Lehrer opens a branch office in Southern California.

1974  Lehrer is again among the first, this time buying frames Made In Hong Kong.

1987  LBI Korea is formed Daegu, S. Korea to manufacture optical frames and eyeglass cases.

1990  Atlantic Optical becomes the largest importer of optical frames in the USA. 

1994  Shelly is joined by his sons, Keith and Chett Lehrer.

1997  The St. Moritz Eyewear® brand is created to sell fashionable, couture style eyewear at an affordable price.

2004  Alena Lehrer creates Geek Eyewear® which becomes a leading brand among millennials and the young minded. 

2008  The company becomes LTD Editions Eyewear and opens the 1st U.S. owned frame factory in Shenzhen, China.

2010  The company shortens its name to LTD Eyewear and opens a quality control office in Wenzhou, China.

2020 The company remains at the forefront of design in high quality value eyewear.